3 things i loved at layla's house.

Other than rambling, we stayed up late watching __________ (take a guess)
We slept in both mornings by accident :(
( I find this image beyond hilarious...Good morning )

I did happen to keep Kassi's Tuesday two things post in mind and I snapped a few photos of Layla's room (the one at her Dad's house)

Layla always has had cool wall decor...

I love this mirror with a passion

I'm not sure what to call this, but I wanted to take it off the wall and stuff it in my purse.

And what would a highschool/childhood room at your parents house be with out some homecoming mums hanging up??? 

Did anyone else keep there's? Perhaps in a box in storage even though you'll probably never look at them?

Anyone have a great mum/homecoming story?



muchos besos,