bueno bueno fashion show 2007

i was looking through my photos and found these....wow these were from a fun lil fashion show we had in 2007. i silk screened some vintage, had my friends play dress up, and we had a blast!

make up: crystal cook
hair: me and my friends from soak (this was the salon i used to work at)
wardrobe: bueno bueno vintage
models: my family and friends.

i haven't really changed much have i?

fred wearing vintage and warpaint.

my cousin pepper wearing a silk screened denim vest.

oh man i loved this outfit!

he has the best hair! ever!

these denim jeans have been an on going process...
i keep yarning up and patching the holes just to get new ones popping up.
i love them so much that i will never throw them away.

i also was going through my closet and found some of the silk screened bandana's from these photos so ill be posting some on etsy this week for sure! i loved looking through these again bc we had so much fun hanging out, listening to music, playing with makeup and hair...the guys even had a killer time!
since kelly's out for the week i might post some more old photoshoots...
highlight of my day: listen to my new local natives cd while i shop for something to wear today.
my client and friend gave me the cd yesterday,don't you love that! nick you are rad!
and i have to go shopping bc i'm wearing yesterdays clothes. jacob and i spent the night at my cousin taylor's bc it was way too late to drive home last night.
ok im out i gotta grab a cup of jo!
enjoy your day!
later in the week...