work out mix and i heart kristen stewart.

 when i work out a good playlist is a must. it has to pump me up and get me moving! what about you?
tell me your songs that get you moving! old or new.

i just love it when the music takes over and i'm just going crazy! if no one is around and i'm in my room its the best! and if i have a fun and just as crazy friend around ill dance in front of a crowd.

 tonight i'm sharing 5 songs off my get your buns moving playlist
1. zero by yeah yeah yeahs this song makes me crazy i just wanna sing to the top of my lungs and dance dance dance! sometimes if im at the gym i do funny dances on the treadmill...if im at the park people look at me funny bc i sing loudly off tune. shake it! if i close my eyes i can pretend im back at acl and i can feel the energy of that of the best moments of my life! def my top 3 favorite bands!
2. bad romance by lady gaga do i even have to say why i love her? i mean she is the coolest! her style, her shock value, her voice....i just wanna jump up and down forever! thank you gaga for being so fun!
3. that's not my name by the ting tings. be careful this song will get stuck in your head. i find myself just singing "thats not my name" or just randomly shouting that at people walking down the street.
4. drop it like its hot by snoop dogg. this song brings me back to working at urban outfitters and dancing with all the girls at closing time. of course jade had this dance down, i can just picture her head bopping up and down and getting on the floor! so jealous wish i could dance like a black girl:)
5. hard by rihanna. oh man joe, dani, and i listened to this song a million times when this cd came out. we danced and sang in dani's jeep driving all over california! then when the song would end we would play it again. oh yeah yeah yeah! i love rihanna! she is probably the most gorgeous person i have ever seen!

oh and our lil sister amy got her braces off! yay! what better way to show them off  other than impersonate kristen stewart!!!

ok and i just wanted to say I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART. i know everyone has their opinions but i think she is beautiful, and different, and actually really unique looking. i kinda dig the whole "i'm awkward and bite my lip a lot. it's her thing. she does it in every movie bc that's just her! its kinda like how brad pitt is always eating in movies...or meg ryan alway's cries,  or how liz jordan twirls one side of her hair then tucks it in behind her ear, or how i always bite my nails and spit them out or how i always rub my nose. if i was an actress they would prob find me doing that in every movie.

what's your nervous tick? or your thing?

brandi and kelly
have a bueno bueno night y'all!