dream studio space.

i love open spaces. 
big windows.
concrete floor.
amazing views.
i can totally see my salon/coffee bar/shop/ place to hang being something like this.
ginny, kelly, and i have future plans...it just takes a lot of research for location, time, and money...but we have the dream and the vision and i know it will happen someday.
jacob, kelly, my cousins, and i have been talking about this for a long time now...and we have finally started doing some homework. we can't just talk about it forever.
sometimes i think it would be even more fun a building a dream space ourselves.

this is our friend clint's studio. he's a photographer in houston. 
and im jealous of his space. 

i would love to take a skate break in the middle of my work day.

time to work.

the roof top view is even more amazing!
we went up there and hung out and it was just awesome!
i slipped and almost fell off but thats ok.

our best friends kylle and haley came in town for a surprise visit.

nothing to break, why not be a kid again and play ball!

aren't these amazing. the guy who owns the building makes these.
one of the lofts had trees growing inside! i wanna live there!
if you could dream up the perfect work space what would it be like?
send us a link:)