this weekend my friend johnny flew in from L.A. and asked me if i wanted to help with a photoshoot (last minute) while he was in houston. it was a no pressure shoot and he said i could get creative and do whatever i wanted with wardrobe and hair. vintage wanted. i love it when that happens!
these are a  few sample photos that i took with my 
"un profesh" camera (g9) during the photoshoot yesterday.
remember... i was working on the feather head piece's .

place: sunchild salon
styling/wardrobe/set: brandi lisenbe/bueno bueno
hair artist: me
make up artist: johnny rendon
photographer: johnny rendon

i can't wait to see the shots from his camera. we had a lot of fun even though we went with plan b.
plan a was screwed up due to heavy rain and cold weather.


records we listened to during the shoot:
sharon jones and the dap kings (im jealous kelly and taylor saw her at sxsw)
beach boys ( because its always appropriate)
bruce (the boss) springsteen (this man has the best style!!!!)

i can't wait to see the real photos!
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