how to wear a cute messy bun. 3 steps.

 hi im brandi from sunchild salon. im here to show you how to wear a CUTE messy bun.
pick a cute simple clip. don't wear the ones that snooki wears. those are for salon use ONLY.
gather hair loosely.
wrap around loosely and clip to side.
i call this a happy messy bun.

ok so sometimes clients tell me that they can't get the side swoop.
before you think that you can't, try. have you tried to train them?
do this when your hair is wet. mine took awhile to train bc i used to split my hair down the middle.

* when you are at home. grab a bobby pin or clip to train your bangs which direction to go.
sad half way done hair.
this is ONLY okay for around the house or at the gym but KNOW that you are better than these.
i promise. i hate when i see someone dressed all cute and then their hair is up like this...
it just has no life to them. and trust me i have worn my hair like this and i look back and want to hit myself for being lazy about myself. it's so easy not to make time for ourselves, especially for moms, but moms you deserve to feel great and look great!!
kelly even challenged herself not to do this during the summer, but to take the time and fix her hair.
* when i don't have time to fix my hair ill add a braid, a hat, a cute happy bun, feather headband, fixed pony tail. but i have made a pact to myself that i will make more of an effort while getting ready.

more easy HAIR how to's coming your way next week:)

i hope i didn't offend anyone. i'm just trying to help.
and is there anything you have a question about? anything you want me to share with yall about hair?
just let me know.