one very lucky lady

Next week, one very lucky lady will receive 
one lost & found journal
one feather dangle
one mini feather dangle (for you hair)
one ring from our sponsor

I wonder who the lucky lady will be

with so many names, I better give it a super shake

and the winner is

Please email your address to us so we can get your gift on the road.

I am so glad that all of you entered the Bueno Bueno give away!
I had a lot of fun reading about what you all keep in your junk drawers (or junk closets). besides my collection of paper, I would say my favorite junk drawer item would be all my empty vitamin/medicine bottles. I don't know what I'm going to be doing with them yet, but I'm excited.

p.s. only one person asked what tv show we were was Big Love. Layla is in love with it and I was just in the mood to stay up until 4 am. 

muchos besos,