jackson potts. 10 year old phographer.

what is the first thing that you think of when you see the framed photo. (click the photo to enlarge)
tell me under the comment section, bc im really curious. i also googled jackson and found his photo here at ffffound.
meet my friend, jackson potts, 10 years old and an amazing photographer. pictured with him is wayne (owner of g gallery) and his little brother dietrich, the model for his photograph that has caused so much controversy.
the potts family. minus their girls. i love this family, they are so close, artistic, so supportive of eachother, encouraging, and so so loving. a couple months back jackson came in to chop off his hair. he grows it out every year for locks of love.
jackson is signing his first autograph, he was in saturday's houston chronicle, city and state section.
how awesome is that?! i can't imagine having that much insight and talent at 10 years old. click here to read article.
 this is the photo that jackson took bc they wouldn't display his first photo.
still a very powerful photo.  Marc Brubaker, curator for Ecclesia Church's Xnihilo Gallery helping jackson hang his art.

 so a Dennis Beedon read the story on YAHOO and came to the show to see if it was real (jackson really did the image) after he met jackson, they talked for 15 min before jack (his father) came over to join the conversation... well he was convinced and decided to buy the photo on the spot.  he owns a gallery and wants jackson to do some photos for the gallery and possibaly a show of his own, they are meeting him on tuesday to talk about the details. SO EXCITING!!!! God is definitely working and doing powerful things in this little man.

the potts ask for your prayers. "the goal is that GOD can be honored not us."

read more about jackson and find out why all the controversy here. follow his blog here.

jackson has also shot rihanna, nick lachey, and is now a contributing photographer for 002 magazine.