our new outdoor hobby.

when we aren't at the salon or at a show our newest thing is gardening. its perfect, we get to be outside, hang out, have a new shared hobby, and we get to watch our plants grow and bloom. im not really good with gardening but my mom is so she can come over and give me pointers, and jacob is good with everything so i guess this is all a learning process for me.

remember these cans? they were from my project last year.
click here.

even ryder (our nephew) loves helping with yard work, we have to change his clothes a few times a day but thats ok!

he loves helping out so much i love the face he makes when he knows he has done something good. a proud look. and you know we are right there going overboard with the "high five" "good boy!"
awe ryder loves his daddy(my lil brother) so much!
i iwll post my indoor flowers next week:)
mostly cacti but i got creative with their homes:)

any tips on a successful garden?
im really bad at watering. i either over water or forget.