recovering on Friday

First of all, a big thanks to all y'alls nice comments and suggestions for passing the time while being sick.
I wish I could say I'm recovering from an awesome party or a yummy bottle of wine, but noooooo. I am recovering from a glass of milk.
My tummy was still a little crazy and I felt a little spaced out, but I made it to work :)
I made funny faces in the mirror for a bit while I tried to figure out what my hair was doing.
I have difficult hair and it takes up the majority of my morning.

On my lunch break I got a few belts and a cute leather wallet.
(12 bucks)

After work I was feeling better, but no where near well enough to go out so I watched a movie and strung up the rest of my paper cranes that me and shmalan folded last weekend. I have some big gaps I need to fill so tomorrow I'm planning on finding some brighter colors to fold. Alan is experimenting with Top packaging and I really hope it works. So many pretties. 

I also made slight changes to the blog, but since my knowledge of HTML coding is rusty I didn't get very far :( Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have
1. fixed the blog 
2. posted our new header
3. worked on CD packaging (I really hope to almost finish it)
4. Get my new watch sized to my wrist
5. laundry (booooo)
7. Get back into my work out (The Mari Method) routine.

Honestly, there are a billion things to add to my list, but I never get through the end of a list. This is my skeleton of a to-do list. I wish it could be more exciting right now, but I'm just not at that place. 

Do y'all have any exciting weekend plans?
Anyone else flying out of the state to visit a good friend?

Alan's Birthday is on Sunday and I wish I could fly into Lubbock to see him.