new york friends.

rannie. susan. me.
so my first night in the big city we stumbled upon a photo booth at arrow bar. love it! it was a weird one though because it doesn't tell you when the first photo's about to be taken. dang it!

right before these photos i cut rannie's hair. i should of cut my bangs. i need to cut them. ok, problem solved. i just cut them.

later in the night i tried to walk the streets barefoot because my feet had blisters. high heels suck!
but rannie was yelling at me, telling me i could get a disease, so i put them back on and she ended up making fun of the way i was walking. i can't win!

i always forget something when i pack. i forgot my cutting cape so we went to ricky's (it's like a sally"s) and they sold moroccan oil products, bumble and bumble, and had the supplies i needed to highlight my friend kelle's hair. SCORE!

how has your weekend been so far?
name a song that would be appropriate for these photos.
just curious what comes to mind.

be looking out for my post on rannie's apt.