what do you wear when you go to a wedding.

so i always have a hard time trying to figure out what to wear to weddings because
1. i prefer the casual look
2. i feel like an idiot in a dress
3. heels hurt my feet and i hate tight fitting clothes.

so the past two weekends i had weddings to attend, a day time wedding and an evening wedding.
this is what i ended up wearing.

day wedding - outfit#1
denim strapless dress that i folded into skirt: h&m
lace tank with chains: kimchi blue
purple belt: thrifted
buffalo head necklace: thrifted
footless tights: target
gold shoes: forever 21

hairstyle: loose waves with a little side french braid.

to dress it up a bit more i added a pin stripe blazer.
i felt better with the blazer since the weddding was in a church.
PROUD OF MYSELF because i didn't have to buy anything to wear. this was all stuff in my closet.

evening wedding outfit #2

this is my sisters LBD (little black dress)
i have worn it to 2 or 3 weddings now, different groups of friends so no one else knows that.
this is the dress she wore in my wedding or to the rehearsal i forgot.
anyway its perfect and flattering.

dress: white house black market
hooded fur jacket: vintage treasure

hairstyle: not sure if you can see that well but for my hair i teased it and bobby pinned the side. the bobby pins were my accessories. i arranged them neatly so it actually looked cool. click on photo to enlarge.
i also wore
footloose tights: target
bronzy colored heels: steve madden
little miss plum (james daughter) from bleubird vintage put my orange lipstick on, took my heels and wore my fur.
it was so cute! 

all in all both outfits worked great, they were comfortable and i took off my heels while i danced. i felt like myself which is really important.
 and ladies be careful while dancing strapless! i swear i flashed people a couple of times! whoops!

what do you wear to weddings? i wanna see!
do you ever feel silly all dressed up?
i love when the nights over and i get to throw on my comfy harem pants and a hoody! now thats bliss!


OH and i found out late that you are NOT suppose to wear white or ivory to a wedding (if you are not the bride). sorry jam! she never said anything to me but a few years after i did that i read in a magazine that thats a no no!! oops