you can never have too many....

 plain white tee's. i have a closet full of them. v-neck's, scoop necks, sheer, distressed, even hanes undershirts. i just bought 2 more this weekend at forever 21. $6.80 each. i tried on some other items but i stuck to the basics. you can't go wrong with a plain white tee, you can wear it with anything. dress it up dress it down. throw on any accessory. i choose comfort. always...well not always, sometimes i wear heels for jacob.
the rest of my outfit 
aviators- $9.99 from banana bay in austin (i wear these to the river or beach so if lost it doesn't matter) i didn't even realize they weren't my ray bans. i actually like this size better.
denim- hollister
rainboots- urban outfitters ( i have gotten so much use out of these)
burnt orange jacket- thrifted (love the elbow patches) 
excuse my hair, i had just done my roots and left the salon with my hair wet.

what do you think? how many white tee's do you have in your closet/ drawers? be honest.
 i'm curious....what item do you feel like you can never have too many of?
oh yeah how could i forget about this pic. jacob and justin didn't know they had guy clothes at forever 21 so i sent them upstairs and they had a blast. yup. i came up looking for them because i didn't get the "come on babe hurry up" call. you know what i'm talking about. yeah and this is what i find!