are you good at being a girl?

what do you put on everyday when you get out of the shower? do you have a routine? my cousin ginny (see below) is such a "good girl" as in she puts lotion on all over, takes care of her face, puts on her make- up, and blow dry/styles her hair, always smells good, always clean shaven or waxed, and is the prime example of a woman who takes care of herself.
i .... am a "bad girl" trying to be a "good girl"
until recently i didn't use lotion, didn't moisturize, never got facials, never washed my face..who am i kidding im still not very good at being a girl but i'm trying!

here are some of the things that help me in my mission to become a better girl!!!!

1. vintage rings and wedding band.
2. cactus bueno bueno key necklace.
3. silver branch ring by a local designer in new york. (i forgot the designer)
4. jar from anthropologie on sale for 3.99 (i put my bobby pins in it) jacob got me this on our 2 yr anniversary.
5. smiths lip balm - minted rose you can get it at sephora or anthropologie. i like the tingle on my lips.
6. aquage sea salt spray- in love with this spray, its always on my hair.
7. kiehl's body lotion- amazing makes my skin feel silky. my friend tif introduced me to this and wow!
8. kiehls face moisturizer with spf 15- i use everyday now which is something i just started doing last year.
9. lemon butter from lush- i purchased this for jacob in new york but we share it bc it helps with my hands in cuticles. (they are in water shampooing all day so they get rough) i love this stuff!
10. dust it aka "magic powder" creates definition and volume and adds just the right messy to my hair.
11. moroccan oil- hair miracle. conditioning, protects hair from sun, provides shine, smells amazing, heat protectant, everyone should use this product basically acts ike sunscreen for your hair.
12. A&F fierce. (don't laugh) im allergic(as in get sick to my stomach by the smell) to perfume but this doesn't hurt me. i love the smell and i get compliments all the time.
13. this is my other scent. red flower oil spray (imogene + willie.). its a type of amber oil, since jacob didn't like my regular amber oil scent he got me one that he did like. this store is the coolest!

my one redeeming quality is my toenails are always painted. i love pedicures and if my toenails look good i feel pretty.

* my new thing is facials thanks to ginny lee 713-471-6731! if you need a facial or wax job give her a call. she's your girl if you live in houston! amazing!!! she is the only one i trust for a brazillian!
her location is 4326 westheimer road at satori salon (highland village)

you are a totally a genuine knockout! hope you had fun today!