easter & earth day

our fun filled family weekend.
the 71s
started with a david lascoe, snowplow, 71's, and taylor lee (lazlo) rock show.
friends and family.
(oh lynzy you look special)

this blur is me.
B: See the blur? That's me doing my interpretive dance moves on stage while Taylor's playing.
K: Taylor almost lost it at one point.
K: This is my car and this is Justin trying to break in it for me. After the four hour drive from Richardson TX, I arrived at Fitz and decided I wanted to change my shoes. The shoes I wanted were in the backseat so I put on some mascara, got out of the front seat and opened the back door. I changed my mind about the shoes so I shut the back door and right at that moment the wind shut my front door. Everything I needed was in my purse and my purse was on the front seat of my car...locked in. You can see it in the picture. Justin spent a good portion of the night trying to get in my car using a coat hanger, but all attempts failed us.
kelly got her keys!
B: guess who the luckiest girl in the world is? yeah kelly. triple a just happened to drive by and unlock her door for free! that guy to the right is our cousin darin. and ladies he is taken.

K: yeah, I completely forgot that I was a AAA member...ooops
sisters who rock!
the 71s
B: back to the show! and yeah thats my cutie pie with the long hair.
K: gag.

jacob and ames.
B: we kept our lil sister amy out all night.
K: Correction, I kept Amy out all night. Brandi went to bed early like an old fart.
B: i left after 1 am thats not early! and i had work early the next day!
when all the girls get together we get a little nutty. liz was in town from nashville so we were extra excited!
K: I want to move to Nashville :(
father daughter brunch.
B: The next morning, I worked at the salon then kelly and my dad picked me up for brunch at Empire Cafe. We enjoyed yummy Micheladas out on the patio.

K: Thank God for Dads, Migas and Micheladas.
jacob and me earth day fest 2010
we are so salty.
james and aub
B: then i went to james and aubry's house and we all drove to the earthday fest. oh it was so nice to lay out on the hill, enjoy the bands and soak up the sun!

my turn! my turn!
my crazy family.
after the fun in the sun i met up with my mom and sisters to go watch the last song and get a late night dinner, it was much needed girl bonding time. afterward kelly came over and we fell asleep watching blindside.
K: The movie was bad...BAD, but I had a lot of fun laughing with the girls.

B: next morning we woke up and i finished watching it while kelly had to go help cook brunch with my mom. My dad picked me up around 9:45 we stopped at starbucks and headed over my moms for easter brunch. (jacob missed out bc he was at church) Omg my mom makes the best breakfast casserole we definitely need to share the recipe with y'all. we had that and breakfast taco's duh!

B: my dad still gets us an easter basket of candy and my mom fills it up with cute presents like egg shaped playing cards. you are never too old!
B: Kelly bought this super awesome belt pouch from Fossil bc she said it would be perfect for coachella. I absolutely love it! thanks sis!

K: Days after saying I needed coffee, but don't have a coffee pot at the trailer, Brandi bought me a "green press." I'm buying coffee grounds on my way home from work! She's awesome.

B: the rest of the day i spent in willis texas with my other family....
we ate lots of food, i had 5 deserts, watched the lisenbe men play catch, and i took lots of pictures on the farm.


easter outfit.

see the holes in our shirts? notice how they are in the same spot? jacob ruins ALL of his shirts when he plays his bass bc it rubs on his belt buckle.

hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend!!!
mucho mucho love,
B + K

do you still get easter presents?