ryder loves his tiny toms

today is ryder day! every tuesday is.... today we played outside all day, watered the flowers, and i started teaching him how to longboard. oh and i finally gave him his new tiny toms. i purchased them at bebe verde (an eco friendly baby store).

ryder watering flowers
he just loves being outside. its his favorite word other than bubbles. 

omg aren't these the cutest! these shoes make me want to have a baby! 

follow me boog
my little shadow. he is so curious about everything, it fascinates me how much he picks up on things.

look how fun it is ryder.
you wanna skate boogie? ok do this!

yay! you did it! pantless!
awe yay! pantless and shoeless! you rock...ok time to put them back on.

ryder in tiny toms.
smile bear!  pants and shoes are not that bad!
 first skateboarding ouchie.
this might be his first skating wound.

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