are you on weardrobe?

i am. i just signed up for it. i thought it would be fun to post my outfits and then go back and look at them when i haven't a clue to wear. also im hoping it will help me make an effort when i get ready...also it helps me pull things out of my closet that i haven't worn in years and make them new again. let me know if you are on there or if you are going to sign up. find me here.
whats your everyday look?

 my everyday look: preppy-grunge-surf style.
i usually wear a thrifted necklace, chrisrann, or my bueno bueno key necklace. this is my thrifted buffalo head necklace. i love it so much.
my wedding band had fallen off and i thought i lost it. all rings thrifted except my right pointer finger.
that one is from my aunt.

top: billabong
denim cutoffs: A&F
frames: going in my etsy shop today.
shoes: vans
i have way too many.

oooh and kelly introduced me to a new station to listen to online. its awesome check it out.
thanks AMANDA SHIRES for sharing!
giveaway coming soon so follow our tweets for details..