what are you listening to?

do you buy cd's/records/cassettes anymore or do you get if off of itunes? i hope you buy the music if you like the artist. if you want them to keep making amazing music, help them out and buy their albums:)

when i first started dating jacob i burned him a copy of the new coldplay. he wouldn't accept it because it was burned. he say's its only allowed if i buy an album on itunes and wanted to burn a copy for my jeep.
he is very strict about this. and now i totally get it. but i still love making mix's for my friends (with the music i buy). i won't copy a whole album but i will make a cool mix with my favorite songs...in hope that they go out and buy an album of an artist that was on my mix.

i love going to the record store on my days off or if i get a break from work. no matter what town your in the record store gives you so much comfort. i love the feeling when i walk in and an old record that i haven't heard is playing...singing all the words. feels like your right at home.
sometimes i buy records just for the album art. what about you?

*i also love when my clients bring in one of their records and introduce something to me that i haven't heard before.
like when i heard sharon jones for the first time. thanks matt!

 photo's from my last new york adventure. i got a chicago record. every time i see one i buy it. it was the first concert my dad ever went to. so im starting a collection for him and putting them in album frames.

movies you will like if you love music:
3 out of my top 10 all time favorite movies....drum roll please.
almost famous- time period i wish i could have lived in! FECK. " Never take it seriously, you never get hurt. Never get hurt, you can always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit all your friends."- penny lane
this movie has the best quotes
empire records- i was 14 when this came out. i had the biggest crush on ethan embry...all i knew was that i had to work at a music store, and i did! warehouse music (where i met my bff rannie)
high fidelity- this pretty much is the coolest movie ever. jack black's character and me are the same person. ha ha. you can learn good music and tips to master the perfect playlist:)


oh p.s. alan we miss you and your post today but take care of your family and we will see you soon.