Uncommon Objects + a sassy little man

Hola! I'm kind of back...I'm still tweaking a project, but I wanted to share some fun photos with you.
While I was in Austin for SXSW, I stopped by a few thrift/antique shops and I went to a pretty popular place called Uncommon Objects. If you have been to Austin, you've mostly likely been there. The place was packed just like everywhere else in Austin that week and I had to weave myself around people just to see 72% of the store. Here are a few of my favorite items that I managed to photograph.

(sorry about fuzziness/poor quality. A sassy little man asked me not to take pictures so I had to be quick and sneaky with my crappy powershot)

Beauty Parlor Sign

I think Brandi needs an old tin sign for Sun Child Salon. We may have a new Bueno project to add to the list!

chalk board

and it's a chalkboard!

Wall Art

I think it's messed up that there was a giraffe on the wall, but I kind of want it! Maybe there's a fake giraffe mount out there just waiting for my wall. I think it would be perfect for my trailer (haha). I really want a wall decked out floor to ceiling with type. I just don't have the wallet for it right now.


I found some skulls at the flea market also...Is this a trend or something that has always been popular?




White Gloves

A shelf full of fun. I really want a pair of white gloves. I almost bought a pair from Savers (thrift store) a while back, but they were kind of cheap looking so I had to pass.

Wood Type

Bowl of wood type? ...YES PLEASE!!!


What girl doesn't want a collection of dainty mirrors?


I have this thing about throwing away glass...I don't do it. I don't get the point because they can be reused for a lot of things. I always need containers for gifts, candles, crafting supplies, extra paint, knick knacks and don't forget left overs. I love this collection of glass.

Mason Jar Shelf

I want the light blue mason jars off this top shelf. Do you have any?

Overall, I liked the over priced objects in the store. It reminded me of a yuppie version of Texas Junk. Has anyone been there? Does anyone know why a store full of old junk would not allow pictures?

Well I hope you enjoy these slightly forbidden photos! I have more photos from SXSW coming your way.

muchos besos,

brandi's hair do for the week.
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