bday fun at 29

it started the 8th. the day i went barefoot all day. i did not put shoes on at all. the hair hurt my feet, the public restrooms were sick, i went in 3 restaurants that day, washed my feet a couple times, but still kept truckin...i now know how lucky and blessed we are to have shoes. the looks i got from people made me feel poor and unwelcome it was weird.

while doing nats hair we had a dance party at the salon. she bought me 2 jeggings, sandals, leather braided belt that i can wear as headband and love. i was so surprised and i loved everything! thanks nat!
after that we hurried over to chuy's to meet up with jacob and his boys. nat and jacob matched. hahaha!
friday morning i woke up to these beautiful flowers and this garden owl (it has a light inside) funny thing about this is my dad almost bought this for me but couldn't remember if it was me or kelly that liked owls more.
friday i went to breakfast with my momma, got a mani/pedi, ran errands, thrifted with jacob, then had a picnic in the park for dinner. it was the perfect birthday. i was suppose to go to sara's house bc it was her bday too but i got so tired!
the 71s
saturday i worked, went shopping for our road trip, then headed to deans for finnegan, the 71's, and last place you look. well you already know what happened if you follow my tweets. THIS WAS AN ACOUSTIC SHOW. after the show we met up with jace, justin, sara, john, brett and we danced all night long in our jeggings! it was so much fun. good times!

sunday i worked, then came home to yummy enchiladas, queso, creamy dip, and some family in the kitchen. my cousin taylor is the best cook ever!
beacuse of what went down saturday dad bought me boxing gloves! hahaha!

roadtrip kit
do you know what this is? its a coachella survival kit. my cousin taylor got us all this stuff for our roadtrip to california and to survive camping at the festival! BEST GIFT EVER! thanks tay! am i missing something? wet wipes are prb my fav items in here they are a must!! good for everything!

can you think of anything else i should bring? im trying to buy new music for the trip up there. so if you know of a good roadtrip songs tell me so i can buy it on itunes with my gift card from darin and ginny:)
im really excited to see all the bands and just hang out in the desert!

i want
i wish we were driving this baby to coachella. this is what i want!

our friend jace was suppose to be going with us bc his bday is on the 16th and it was gonna be a joint bday celebration but he couldn't get off work:( so on the 16th we will be giving him a bday call while jay-z is on. sorry jace! we love you and wish you could be there with us! you'll see my twit pics so don't get too sad. xo
jace and me

maybe ill be able to update this maybe i won't... but i leave you in good hands!
kelly i wish you and alan could be there too. next time! xo