pardon me


Brandi is still in Cali for Coachella and I have been trying my best to keep you updated on our creations, but I mean look at me...

Obviously I haven't had time for much. haha. It's something that I love/hate about being passionate for what I do. While working on top of working, it's so easy to let the little things like hair, nails, getting dressed and make-up fly out the window. I start looking scary, but surely I'm not the only one?

I will be posting (soon) all the work I have done and some stuff for the etsy shop. Right now, I have Stephen St. Clair on Repeat and am working on a final illustration for his CD. I am determined to get this done NOW because I really want to drive to Denton tonight to see The Numerators.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Let me know if you have been to any shows and you recommend a band/musician

muchos besos