Texas on a Saturday

My past two Saturdays have been spent in two very different worlds, but all in the same state.

My Saturday in Lubbock consisted of sleeping in, Ralph's Records (where Alan works), and seeing Whips n' Kisses.

Here it is, the one and only Ralph's Records. I spent three hours watching "Ralph people" and it was enough to supply nightmares for a week. Raaaaaalph's Records, it's where the crazies go. Meet some of Ralph's employees

The pointer is Aaron. Funny kid who enjoys stretching and throwing stuff.
The boy with the golden locks is Daniel. We've mentioned him before...One Wolf?
I'm a fan of Daniel, even when he's punching himself in the face.

What a tender soul...haha. It's a shame you can't really see his Beep Beep shirt.

This chicken strip caused Alan a lot of pain.

Fun Fact #1
Alan can go to work after a hard night of partying and still get hit on. This cute red head came in the record store while I was there and after a while of scoping out the "indie" section she asked him out! What a stud :)

(Alan, please don't get mad that I posted a close up of your face)

Now, meet Doug Stapp

He also works at Ralph's. While living in Lubbock I never got a chance to see Doug / Whips N' Kisses play, but Alan always told me about their shows. I was not disappointed!

Here's the golden shot

Check out the spandex...


Here's a darling fella

This is Pat and his sweet tattoo. I've always enjoyed Pat's style.

My Saturday in Terrell consisted of sleeping in, making feather dangles, designing, and spending the evening at the Terrell Jubilee. I definitely got a taste of small town "charm." For those of you who don't know, I've grown up in Houston and until 3 months ago Lubbock was the smallest city I've lived in. This is what my first full Saturday in Terrell was like

yep, yep. I had such a good time watching people and chatting it up with the locals. Such nice people with big hearts. This was the first Saturday me and my Aunt Erica had the chance to hang out, just the two of us.

Any Starwars fans out there?

Are you a small town or a big town guy/girl?

Fun Fact #2 I need more small town in my life.

muchos besos,