happiest girl to ever wear a bueno bueno feather wrap.

so my friend natalie asked me if i could do something with her hat before she left to florida on a mission to meet ben harper. best mission ever! so of course i said yes bc all i had to do was...
rip off ribbon
rip off the ugly ribbon that came with the hat.

glue some feathers
glue some feathers of choice around rim. and ta da!

bueno bueno feather wrap
then i made this special for nat and you know what...it brought good luck bc she got to meet ben harper! and he actually called out to her from stage... he said " hey headband!"

natalie in a bueno bueno feather wrap
are you kidding? how cute is she in this photo! ben harper totally saw those eyes and that the real reason he wanted to meet her! right? right!

natalie and her tambo

isn't she awesomely adorable?
im super jealous bc i love ben harper, and she got to meet him, and she got some guitar pics, backstage passes, and a tambourine! you go girl! happy birthday again! i'm glad it was the best ever!

some of my favorite ben harper songs are

shes only happy in the sun.

walk away

another lonely day.

i gotta say his songs really help when going through a breakup. his voice just soothes the 
soul. i even want to name one of my future daughters HARPER. 
i have 2 other names that i love.
olive and june...so we shall see...

what are your favorite ben harper songs?