so my friend johnny rendon( make up artist and photographer) and i worked on another shoot together last weekend and it was a lot of always.
aubrey came to us and wanted to have a fun senior photoshoot instead of the norm. so we all met up at the sunchild (my salon) and played with outfits and decided on make up and hair. 
couldn't tell you what johnny did bc i don't speak make up but he did an amazing job!





all these photos were the behind the scenes shots taken with my g9.
wait til you see johnny's photos! aubrey is such a goof and oh my lord she's stunning!

before any steps i put a heat protectant (moroccan oil) on her hair. avoid the root area.
1. i sprayed her hair with aquage sea salt spray. (for volume & texture)
2. sprayed moroccan oil hairspray (its not sticky) on individual sections, curl with curling iron then pin.
3. i repeated this all the way through until all hair was pinned up in curls.
4. after johnny applied make up i took down the curls and teased hair at the root (all over.)
yes it looks big and crazy but then you tame it by working with it.
*this is when my friend kristen came in and i asked her if she would give aubry a side french braid in the front. thanks kjoy!
5. if curls are looking too crazy after teasing go back and curl the pieces needed.
6. spray all over again with hairspray. 
the moroccan oil hairspray smells SOOOOOO GOOD its addicting  and it's very flexible, so you can still work with the hair.

* after we took some shots with the braid we let it loose and shook her hair with her head upside down, and we teased it a little. the braid is great like that.... i love the waves that come from braids.

when im at home i like to play around with braiding my hair in different ways, and thickness to see which ones make the best waves. you should try this when you are bored.

Q. which hairstyle do you like the best out of these?
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