so it's been a week since i started this new 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE! so far so good. i have worked out everyday at least for an hour. i have to take a photo everyday after my workout for motivation and accountability. it totally works! you should try. I LOST 4 POUNDS THIS WEEK. the healthy way.

i still need to work on my eating habits.
i had drinks more than twice this week. wine, vodka, and margarita's
i ate some cake. i ate an ice cream sandwhich. i ate some chips. but you know what it was all in moderation and i didn't eat that all in one day.
i'm still trying to eat every 3 hours to boost my metabolism and i'm doing ok! i think my metabolism is speeding up just from my workouts because i am so hungry 24-7. trust me i am eating a lot!

DID YOU KNOW sometimes we think we are hungry but in actuality we are dehydrated. so drink more water:) i need to drink way more water. if you hate water, try throwing some frozen fruit in a fancy glass and pour in some good ol H2O.

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day 1
most days i run outside, do lunges, picnic table excercises (i will have to show you routine on video) butt kicks, walk, abs, pushups, fake jump rope, i just keep my heart rate up for an hour or more.
day 2
during the workout when i feel like i want to quit, i work even harder!!!
day 3
sorry this was taken with my phone.
gym work out. treadmill 35 min. played with incline, walked fast, jogged, did sprints.
then i worked on abs. did pushups. walking lunges, squats, NO WEIGHTS bc i don't know what to do.
day 4
i love running the dirt bike trail/park.
day 5
it's so hot outside but it feels good to run outside, i get bored on the treadmill.
temper trap is great while running. i zone out.
day 6 
it's a distraction. for example: you get a text from a friend inviting you to come hang out, or
a client calls and wants to come in NOW...
day 7
so today i put on the black eyed peas album and:
danced. did lunges. jumping jacks. mountain climbers. wacky jacks.
push ups. sit ups. squats. leg kicks. punched the air. and had my first
ROLLER DERBY PRACTICE!!! it was so fun!

Get in shape with the Roxy Beach Body Workout

click the link for this workout.

roxy workout 3 Get in shape with the Roxy Beach Body Workout
roxy workout 2 Get in shape with the Roxy Beach Body Workout
roxy workout 1 Get in shape with the Roxy Beach Body Workout
 the key is to have fun and feel amazing during this challenge. if you are not a gym person there is plenty you can do on your own. find a fun activity, go surf, go skate, ride your bike, go jogging, run stairs, spin class, join an outdoor bootcamp like green feet fitness, do the marimethod at home, go swimming, dance in your room!!! 

what are you doing these days to be the best version of yourself?
what do you wish to see more of on these fitness posts?
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