Thank You Thank You

My client/ friend dropped by the salon one saturday morning and gave me this cute BB Dakota dress. Isn't it awesome!? I was with a client when she came in to drop it off so I didn't have a chance to actually look at it until I got home. later on that night Jacob spotted it, like he always does and asked me "when did you buy this? and thats when i finally tried it on. he loved it and so do I!  Thanks Mucho mucho Katie!

Do you like my wooden ring? I do I do! This was one of my birthday presents from Lauren. She sent me this and a couple of buttons from portland. When i saw the package i was so so excited! I love surprise presents in the mail! Isn't that the best feeling in the world! and dude, she was dead on with this gift. just my style!  Thank you mucho mucho friend!
I also wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of our followers/friends that read our blog.
we love your comments, questions, and encouraging words. sorry if we have not been as responsive lately.
our excuses:
Kelly is moving to Nashville in 2 weeks (ROAD TRIP) and has been coming in and out of town, poor thing doesn't have time to wash her butt! jk that was gross, but really!
and my excuse....well i have been sticking with my FITNESS CHALLENGE and also working like crazy person at the salon and my eco friendly phone isn't so internet friendly! 
but, don't worry i'm on the waiting list to get my new EVO.
come see the Literary Greats at Walters on washington!
here's a little interview with front man brandon elam