are you down with the OPI?

What brand of nail polish do you swear by? OPI does it for me! i love how long it stays on and i just love the names they come up with for their colors. i could open up my own nail salon with all my colors.
i'm adding a new little table (at the sunchild) with a collection of colors so that when my clients are processing or waiting, they can paint their nails and try out different colors.
FIERCLY FIONA is from the new shrek collection. i had to buy all of them for me and the sunchild!

What is your favorite OPI color? Do you like to change colors or stick with your signature color?

have a great weekend! kelly's in town but i don't get to see her bc she is busy with her friends wedding:(
today i'm going to work, work out, lay out and swim laps then....
 rock out with the 71's at FITZGERALDS 9pm! come join the fun!