30 day fitness challenge.

so i have gained 10 pounds since last summer...not ok for my frame. i am a small framed girl and any weight i put on looks AWKWARD. see for yourself. this photo was taken june 2010. 134 pounds.
too much fat
this picture is very embarrassing to post but i am doing this to show you everything!! this is my before photo. you will have to keep reading to see my after (30 days) photo. please do not be offended by this post. we come in all different shapes in sizes but for me this is not acceptable. this is not the best that i can be. this is lazy brandi, and i don't like her!

i will be taking a photo everyday after i workout so that it holds me accountable. but,
don't expect them to be cute. i haven't decided if im going to start a little 30 day blog or if i
will post once a week here combining the weeks pictures? any suggestions?

i want and hope this encourages all of us to feel awesome. and join in on the challenge.
day 1
i wish you saw how wet my shirt is. this is what i should look like every time i work out.

day 1
ok so i've been on and off with my workout schedule and i can't seem to stick to it. life gets in the way...but when i was on a daily schedule with my 5 am workouts i felt amazing and not to sound full of myself but i looked good.
i have decided to dedicate at least an hour everyday to working up a sweat. it's not going to be easy because that means i have to make some life changes. 
reasons i want to be fit
1. so i can feel good!
2. so i can be the best that i can be.
3. so i look good. duh!
4. so my husband gets the best version of me.
5. so i can live a long and healthy life.
6. so my clothes look great on me and i can wear my size 2 jeans again.
7. so i feel confident.
8. so i can encourage others around me to do the same.
9. so i look awesome in a bikini
10. so i can be proud of myself again.
things i struggle with:
1. sugar
2. mexican food
3. not eating often enough
4. eating large portions
5. a bottle of wine
6. margaritas
7. goofing around instead of working out
8. tv....im addicted.
today's work out:
i sprinted for (30 second increments) then jogged, then sprinted, then walked, did walking lunges, jumping jacks, butt kicks, jumped on picnic table, push ups, step ups on picnic table, sprints, walked, jogged, ab workouts...i was drenched and felt so GOOD!
today i listened to:
yeah yeah yeah's-
black eyed peas
jay z
please join in! i want us all to do this so we can help one another! and if you have any tips 
for my workouts or meals that you know of please share!!!!
follow me on twitter for daily photos. @sunchildsalon