[a few of my favorite things] from Free People

Have you seen Free People's July issue. It makes me angry that I have no money!

Yes please! I will take everything that this lovely lady is wearing.
I may need two pair of boots because I promise I will wear these out.
I don't really like the longer dresses on me, but I would give them another shot for this one. 
mucho mucho! I wouldn't mind the leather jacket either.
I'm a big fan of dressing for comfort, but really my favorite thing about this shot is the assortment of bottles on the wall. I love using old bottles!

Give me that backpack now.

Completely in love with everything here

...and here.

I could use some stylish jackets this fall. 

The certainly know how to make a girl's mouth water. 
I think this may be my favorite catalog from them this year.

I have never shopped at Free People, it's a little on the pricey side for me. Maybe one day. 

Are you a fan? 

muchos bebos,