Following up on Brandi's "How To"

I love when Brandi does hair tutorials because I struggle with ideas from time to time so I wanted to show off my first successful mini french braid. In her tutorial she curls her hair and leaves it all down, but it was so dang hot in Nashville I needed it off my back so I used the new Twist Pins that I saw an advertisement for and two actually hold my hair up.

(I couldn't make a normal expression so Alan told me to drink my are awkward and Alan is adorable)

I also added my Bueno Bueno mini feather dangle :)

These Twist Pins were about $6 and they saved my life in Nashville. For once I felt good about my hair (a man even complemented it).

p.s. I have seen at least two other blogs mention these pins, you must believe they work.
Brandi just informed me that Leigh Ann blogged about this too!

If you missed the original tutorial, check it out