[Nashville] my phones perspective

I have just spent the past two weeks with this cute redhead and it was amazing. We spent a week in Dallas and a week in Nashville. If you read about our rocky first night, you'll be happy to know the rest of the trip was incredible. Here's a quick summery of my trip in photos from my phone.

 I could never leave town without my Bueno Key and Mini feather dangle.

Of course Alan handled the kitchen. From time to time he'll let me stir something or lift a lid to make sure somethings not burning, but that's about it for me.

Alan doesn't go anywhere without his TOP in his pocket. On the 4th we spent the day in downtown Nashville and stopped in a smoker friendly place called The Wheel. We continued to bar hop and site see and by the end of it we decided we should have just stayed at The Wheel. 

Nashville had the best firework display I have ever seen. Me and Alan were like two five year old kids, but I think everyone in that crowd was taken back to childhood.

Our friends were super lovely and let us stay at their house. Thanks Amanda and Rod!

We stumbled upon a rad little bar called The Red Door Saloon.
The whole bar was unique and I wanted to sit in every room they had. The room we sat in was "wallpapered" in cork.

After two weeks with this kid, I sure am missing him hard. I can't wait to get back to him and Nashville. 

Do you know of any rad places me and Schmalan to check out in Nashville?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
muchos bebos,