Hi guys!!! incase you missed it the first time i wanted to re-introduce y'all to one of my best friends in all the land. Rannie Balias. when we were just 16 years old i knew this girl was going places! she's one of those friends that actually follows through with her dreams and doesn't let anything stop her, always coming up with amazing ideas, always traveling, always doing, always inspiring, and always a huge support and biggest fan of her closest friends. in other words she is freakin kick ass! pardon my french! but she is! 
*photo of Rannie by Christina McNeill

- why the name? CHRISRANN
CHRISRANN is a combination of mine and my sister's names (Christina + Rannie). Anyone with siblings knows how parents like to call you every name before your own whenever they're angry.

- one thing in your closet you treasure the most.
New York is stupid hot right now, so getting dressed has been an uneventful poop show lately. Essentially, anything that is easy and breezy is pretty much all that's in rotation. But be sure that when I slip into heat comas at my desk, I'm 100% daydreaming about denim and leather.

- what are your top 3 albums right now?
Because I work from home, I get to listen to music all day long, and as loud as I want! HA.
I usually just set my itunes to random and let her rip--that way I get to enjoy more of my library. BUT if I'm having to choose...I'd say that I've been putting a little extra love into Beach House, Oh No Ono, and Aaliyah.

- what's your signature look?
Girly Tomboy.

- what would your friends say about you? 3 words.
Driven. Loyal. Bossy (when drunk).
What would YOU say??
hmmm. i (Brandi) would say all those things and more. Strong. Organized. Crazy Talented.

- any fashion advice?
A black pug is the perfect accent to any outfit (besides CHRISRANN, duh).

- what is your favorite chrisrann piece?
I never ever ever take off my Spartan Wraps! 


i am really rough on my jewelry so i am really picky what i buy and wear. CHRISRANN allows me to wear it 24-7 playing outside or in the shower, it never looks beat down. perfect! 
right now i own:
i still need:

if you are interested in purchasing a piece just contact Rannie here. hurry because it's about to BLOW UP!

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