LOVE YOUR HAIR: Product Knowledge


ok so i wanted to share some hair tips with you. first product i wanna tell you about is the
BC repair rescue sealed ends.
this product is amazing! by the way i only tell you about products i use and love.
this magical little formula does wonders for my hair.

- softens and improves dry/fragile ends.
-smells amazing!
-amino acid penetrates deeply and repairs inner hair structure.
-cura tec protein restructures and strengthens inner hair structure
-pro vitamin B5 provides moisture
silicone oil, the anti split agent, prevents further breakage.

repairs: damaged & porous split ends, seals and protects the hair tips from further damage.
results: healthy and strong ends.

*i use this after i towel dry my hair, squeeze a dime size into palm and i work it into my ends.
you can use on dry hair too but i like a little something in my hair when its damp. i usually let me hair air dry but for those of you who blow dry your hair, this helps with that smoother finish.

for colored/highlighted hair- use the color save/colored ends.

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Q. is there any particular product you want me to share with you? just let me know? was this helpful?