Songs For Kelly's Birthday Week/Road trip to Nashville.

Michael Jackson - Rock With You
Kelly loves Michael Jackson and she LOVES this song. I picture her dancing every time I hear it.
Scan 2
Doug Burr - Chief of Police In Chicago
I love introducing new artists to Kelly because she gives me her honest opinion. Always.
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
For some reason, we're still not completely tired of this song.
Dolorean - What One Bottle Can Do
Kelly really enjoys her wine. so does brandi.
Neil Young - Lotta Love
I kind of like to think of this as our song, even though I make fun of couples that have songs.
lets go surfing
The Literary Greats - Show Me the Coast 
I was introduced to this band because....they're Kelly's cousins! And I am SO glad.
Katrina & the Waves - Walking On Sunshine
I can be kind of a curmudgeon. Kelly pokes me until stuff like this comes out.
The Mynabirds - Numbers Don't Lie 
Sometimes you hear a pretty tune and it just makes you think of her.

Also, Kelly is very tolerant of my rants and obsessions. She's been dealing with this one for a while now:

Also, congratulations to one of my favorite bands, Monahans. They used to be called Milton Mapes, and Robert Plant is covering one of their songs ("The Only Sound That Matters") on his new record "Band of Joy." Check it out here.

now we are off to NASHVEGAS!