hi guys have you ever had a party to go to and you had no idea what in the world to get your friend?
especially the friend who has everything....
well, this happens to me all the time! every weekend we have a shower, b-day, engagement party, wedding, bbq, pool party and this is the perfect little gift to bring in almost any occasion. 
*also makes for a great wedding favor

when Jacob and I go to california, we stock up on 2 buck chuck. (charles shaw) it's only $1.99 a bottle, but has won awards, great reviews, and the taste buds of many. yes people, it is tasty and that's coming from me, someone who loves wine tastings and wine nights! my family and i love the vino so trust me.
 we decided last Christmas to give the 2 buck chuck wine as gifts, but wanted our friends to taste it before they knew how much it was. so i decided to make my own labels to disguise our wine. everyone loved the labels and the little extra effort made it special and fun.

Here's one way to re-label the vino:

1. grab your friend's favorite bottle of wine.
old magazines and catalogs
2. grab your stash of old magazines and catalogs.
(if you don't have any on hand, don't buy any. Just ask around or use scrap paper from a recycling bin)
cut out initials
3. peel off old labels on wine bottle and cut out clippings, initials, and use double sided tape to attach to wine bottle.
4. i like to put my friends initials on the label.
cut out magazine clippings and tape to bottle.
5. i have a whole stash of paper hearts left over from the paper heart garlands, so they came in handy:)
make your own wine label.
another special touch: you can add a stencil to your bottle and wrap it with twine/hemp.
(i used the N for our best friends last name)

hope you enjoyed this DIY!
If this is something you have done before, try it again using different materials.