it's that time again and  if you have been following this blog you already know i go on roadtrips and vacations about once a i was due for another roadtrip. but this time it was only a 2.5 hour road trip to austin.
i started driving up last night and arrived just in time to watch my friends colin and jace play skeeball at arab cowboy hookah lounge. they are in a skeeball league...isn't that awesome?!! i thought so.  anyway, after the game we were starving so we went to kerbey lane. MMmm...blueberry pancakes....after a belly full of deliciousness i finally met up with jacob and the rest of the 71's at keeton's lake house. 

this morning i woke up too early, jacob made us breakfast, and we went out on the lake for some tubing and wakeboarding. I LOOOOOOOVE TUBING! and my arms got a great workout:)

road trip to austin.



lake travis
*you can see the blueberry pancakes in my belly.
on lake travis.
i got some great footage on the lake and some pretty hard crashes so i will most likely be making a lil video sometime very soon. 

 i am so very tired now, so i think i need to shower and take a nap before i go out tonight to THE PARISH to see the 71's and the canvas waiting.


Q. BEACH HOUSE OR LAKE HOUSE? which do you prefer?