Feature Friday: A Variety Pack

This "Feature Friday" is a little different for two reasons: 1. my computer is still with the good people at the Apple store  2. All the exciting things I would like to feature are still in the "hush" phase.Here are a few things that excite me today!

Thrift Store Cowboys + Warren Jackson Hearne West coast tour!

Check out the Please & Thank You Booking Web site for tour dates and further sweet-ass modifications to the site.

Show- AA Bondy
Tuesday August 17th @ Mercy Lounge
Next Tuesday Alan, Pearl (Amanda Shires), and I are putting feathers in our hair and heading out to see AA Bondy. We all might pee our pants out of pure joy.  Who doesn't love AA Bondy? If you don't, you should.

Ok, now on to our favorite video (this week). It may not be super new and you may have seen it ten times, but it's so good. A big thanks to the guys at St8mnt for showing me this bit of awesomeness last week. Must watch both videos to maximize laughter.

and the winner of the giveaway is......