flowers, feathers, and fringe

hello and good mornining peeps! today jacob took some photo's of me outside around 8:30 am and ummmm it was pretty horrible. it's like 150 degrees outside! i was sweating, the lens fogged up, we had just drank our HOT cup of jo...UGH. but it had to be done because i wanted to show you one of my favorite thrifted items from my monday treasure hunt. we did not find new/old furniture for the salon but i did find a lot of other OMG goodies. like....these dingo fringe boots. AHHHHHHHHH! i love them!  jacob and i were fixing to walk out of the store when something caught my eye. i saw white fringe underneath some ugly hiking boots so i ran over (while jacob is rolling his eyes) and discovered there wasn't just 1 pair of dingo fringe boots, there were 2 pairs of dingo fringe boots (a white pair and a tan pair)!!!! SCORE OF THE DAY!!! 
flowers, feathers, and fringe
me: jacob im starting to sweat
jacob: go grab a towel then.
me: just hurry..thank you baby.
its hot outside
me: i can't do this anymore
jacob: (laughing)
put that hair up!
me: my hair is too hot
jacob: put it up then, i love your hair when it's in a ponytail.
me: NO! why does it feel like we are in a sauna?
jacob: because we are.
stay tuned bc we will be announcing the giveaway winner sometime today/tonight.

oh and im now on look book thanks virgin for the invite:)