How to: Rock some fake lashes

I have always loved fake eyelashes, but I have never had the guts to rock them until my move to Nashville. I now have two sets of fake lashes that I rock most of the week. Figuring out how to put these suckers on was challenging at first, but I figured out a system and I'm getting quicker and cleaner with the whole process.

Here we go! Eyelashes 101. Before we get started, go to the store and pick out something pretty. I bought something natural and something a little more dramatic.

First Step: Prep your naked eyelid. Also if you haven't attacked those stray brow hairs, now is a good time. Fake eyelashes draw attention to your brows, don't leave them un-attended for this one.
Now that you have your mask on...
hold the lashes up to your eye and estimate about how much you need to trim them.
Remember, the goal is not to look like a goon so trim that lash!
 I didn't have to cut much, but you might. go ahead and trim both lashes at this point.
Now, cut a q-tip in half. It takes a lot of concentration...may fly across the room if you're not careful.
Apply glue to the cut end of the q-tip. 
I bought DUO (black/waterproof) from Sephora just to try out. It dries pretty quick so get in, do your business, and get out! I like the Black glue because it doesn't look like boogers when it dries.
 Apply generously to lashes, especially at the ends.
Apply lashes to your eyelid. I like to measure from the outside of the lid to the inner section of the eyelid. It helps if you eyeball it first (pre-glue).
I like to use the other end of the q-tip to clean up excess glue and push the eyelashes into place. 
YAY! only one more eyelash to go.
Repeat everything for the next eye.
Now that you have both eyelashes on, it's time for some liquid eyeliner. You don't need much. Just enough to blend your true eyelashes in with the fake ones. Be careful not to make it too thick. You will look a little night crawler-esque. You can use pencil liner as long as it's soft. If you use a hard pencil, it may pull your lashes off. yikes.
Now that you are all dolled up, figure out something to do with your hair.
Maybe look at some of Brandi's hair tutorials...

Then apply some lipstick. You really don't need anything too bold, unless you are going out at night.
I am using a pale pink :) I like the contrast between the bold pale pink and the dark full lashes.

Keep that lipstick handy because you will need to re-apply throughout the day.

let me know how it goes

p.s. even thought the glue says waterproof, if you just rub (lightly) a little water on your eyelid at the end of the day, the eyelashes will peel off gently and you can re-use them a couple of times. Be sure to get the old glue off the fake eyelashes before reusing them.

If you mess up at any point and have an end peeling up before the end of the day, unfold a bobbi-pin
 and dab a bit of glue on it. After squeezing the glue in-between the lash and your lid you can use the non-glue side to hold it in place while it dries.