OMG I HEART: Lipstick

I don't always wear make up, but when I do, lipstick is a must. Right now I have a small collection of lipstick, but it's growing...slowly

(how hipster can you be? -Liz)

lipstick army
It all started while I was living in Lubbock. I got upset one day and took a pair of scissors to my hair. Cliche? Definitely. My mom or Brandi usually get the job done for me, but this was an emergency! I trimmed my bangs super short (baby doll style) and then freaked out because I looked like a boy. That's when I decided I would wear lipstick and pink lipstick...I hated pink at the time. After that incident, any time I was upset (really isn't that often) I would go to MAC and buy a new shade of lipstick. My mom always told me not to fill voids by purchasing material items, but I think a lipstick every now and then is pretty harmless. I know tons of girls who go on full shopping sprees with credit cards every-time they get upset. I think my habit is okay for now.

lipstick army

My favorite "loud" colors come from MAC and my favorite "lady-like" shades come from Lancome . I've been rocking the MAC Viva Glam Gaga lately and I love it. It looks awesome with thick dark eyeliner...not so good if you are going for the natural look. I also really love MAC 's Girl About Town. It's a bold pink, the kind that all you need to add is a little mascara and you are good to go! If you do want a natural look, my favorite Lancome lipstick is Vintage Rose. It's a settle color that adds just enough sheen to brighten up your face. Also, if you have never worn Lancome lipstick, you should try it at least once. It smells divine and it's creamy so it doesn't dry out you lips while you wear it. I hate the dry cracked lips with color flakes on them. yuck. I LOVE lipstick, can you tell? 

I did come across a lipstick that doesn't work for me. I love the color, but the lipstick is dry and chalky. I strayed away once upon a time and decided to give Kat Von D's line a chance. Brandi loves it, but Backstage Bambi did not work for me. From now on I will not let color seduce me. I am staying true to MAC and Lancome. 

Do you like to buy stuff when you're upset? If you do I hope it's something cheap and not a $550.00 pair of shoes.
Do you like to wear lipsticks? If so, what brand do you stick with.
I would love to work as a make-up artist, wouldn't you? liquid eyeliner is a turd to put on others, but I think with a little practice I could do it.