can you tell me which pair was 50 cents and which pair was 50 dollars?
usually when i see something i like, i can't just put it back on the rack. i usually make some weird reason why i deserve it, even if it's a lot of money. i have come to realize that this is a lame way of living! i could be saving tons of money if i just start shopping smart. my thrift challenge was to find a pair of levi shorts like the ones at imogene and willie. i totally would of bought them on the spot but they were a tad too tight on the waist. i would of justified paying over 50 bucks for these bc of the experience in that store.

why i need to change my ways:
1. i don't wear my expensive clothes or designer purses that often. i kinda feel embarrassed to carry around my big  LV or my chanel purse, instead i change out my thrifted purses daily:)
2. i wear the same 5 or 6 thrifted shirts ALL the time even though i have a sinful amount of clothing that i won't get rid of (in my office). yes i said office. i have too many clothes so jacob is converting our office into a dressing room for me!
3. we are going on a pretty amazing vacation in november and we need to start saving for the extra expenses!

i took before photo's of our office i will show you my dressing room when it's done:)