I miss you very much

sister sister

Brandi has mentioned my absence a couple of time over the past two weeks and the rumors are true. My mac has been failing me. This is not the first time I've had issues with it and it's only 3.5 years old. I thought Apple could do no wrong! Well, I had to take it in three different times to figure out what the actual issue was (graphics card). Then, I had to order the part, take my computer back for a week and then drive it/walk it through the mall to Nashville's Apple Store and they had it for a full week. I went to pick it up, no problems, but when I got home, I had nothing. No light, no sound. I even tried different outlets and nothing. SO MAD! How am I suppose to do what I do with out my tool. So I took the computer back and I will be without for another week or so. I have loads of Nashville adventures to share with you soon. Don't give up on me.

first time out of four times.

Has anyone tried carrying something this large through a mall or any other public place?
I had to take a few breaks and Brandi and I traded off about half way.

Look at the picture above. Do you think the lady to my right at the cosmetics counter is laughing at me? I do!