Do you ever wake up and feel like you are having an off day in the looks department? well i do, and those are the days where i change up my normal beach wave hair-do but stay in my comfort level. when getting ready in the mornings i have to listen to music. so i went to the urban blog bc i knew it was music monday, and i wanted to see if it was a good list. i was excited to see that the first free down load was the drums!!! i love this band! and i love the VIDEO!!!

OK, so back to my hair....
today was so freaking hot and i just wanted my hair off my neck! so i braided the front part of my hair ( my bangs that are growing out) and bobby pinned it to the side. then i gathered my hair into a side (low) pony tail. next, i put another rubber band a couple inches down from the first one. 
the last step, which is my favorite step, was  grab a couple of feathers that matched the colors of my hair and i just stuck them into the rubber bands. it's not too crazy, but just the right amount of fun:) 

feathers and braids.


if you are wondering where kelly has been...well she got her computer back from the apple store and guess what??? it wouldn't turn on so she had to take it back for the third time! it's only 3.5 years old:(
anyway she's not too sad bc my mom and our perfect sister are visiting her in nashville.