i just love old photo's. i love to imagine who they were, what they did, and make up stories.
AHHHHHHHHHH! i want,i want! ...but not for that price. i'll leave it for a cool musician.





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how cool is this? this is where they make the jeans :)
A while back Jacob went to Nashville, TN and came back to Houston raving about this shop he had stopped in called Imogene + Willie. He surprised me with a few goodies from the shop, an oil and a body scrub, and then continued to praise the shop. My curiosity was peeked, so I looked them up online, fell in love and added the shop to my list of 'must sees'. Around the same time, Kelly's boss at Fossil had just told her about the same place. 

I recently went on a road trip to Nashville, TN with Kelly to help her move from Dallas. While I was there, we hit up as many places as we could together. Somewhere near the last day we were walking to Burger up and passed a signless building that resembled an old gas station with a large orange '+' sign. There were no cars out front, only a bike and a motorcycle, and we couldn't tell if it was open or closed. We went on to lunch at Burger up and I guess we both could stop thinking about it because as soon as we finished lunch we raced back over to the 'gas station' to figure it out. We soon remembered learning about this place months prior. With a little hesitation (because the place looked so cool), we walked in and felt like we just stepped into another world. Every inch of the place was covered in treasures of the past. To our right, the ceilings were covered in patterns and the room was filled with denim and sewers and machines and to our left was a shop that felt like a family member's living room. There was even a dog napping under the table! There was a fella standing in the room to the left that was quick to help and chat about Nashville recommendations. Needless to say, we were in love.

If you find yourself in Nashville, we highly recommend stopping by I+W.

Psst! These are the goodies from I+W Jacob got me.