Ever since Kelly was able to grab something she always had a bag in her hand. When she learned to walk she always had 6 bags on each arm with random findings in them. So other than" biscuits" she acquired the nickname "bag lady." i didn't become a "bag lady" until much later in life, but now it's a problem. I have a closet of bags that need new homes because I don't want to be on the show, hoarders.
Native Southwest traveler 
$9.99 plus shipping
CLAIMED - Erin Cason

 Shell Weekend Tote
$9.99 plus shipping
CLAIMED - Mandee Quinn

Vintage Messenger 
$9.99 plus shipping
Good for taking your books to class and it makes a great carry-on while traveling

Floral Ralph Lauren 
$19.99 plus shipping

 Enjoy Coca Cola Duffel
$24.99 plus shipping
CLAIMED Leigh-Ann Keffer
Retro Reebok Duffel
29.99 plus shipping

Woven Nine West Cross-body
$9.99 plus shipping

Tri-tone Prep Classic Cross-body
$9.99 plus shipping

Perry Ellis Mini Cross-body
(hunter green)
$9.99 plus shipping

I Love to Sail Handband.
(wooden handles)
19.99 plus shipping

ESPRIT Cross-body.
we all have owned one
$9.99 plus shipping

Hippy Hobo Sack
12.99 plus shipping

Classic VR Convertible 
$9.99 plus shipping

"Hey Preppy" Cross-body 1984
$14.99 plus shipping

I have a slight obsession with old school Liz Claiborne purses and wallets. 80's prep just gets me every time ya know!? 

If you see something that you want to buy, just shoot me a comment or email so I can put it aside for you and you can send the payment through paypal.

shipping for United States - $7
outside the U.S. let me know i don't discriminate.