Surface to Air Show Room. New York

i love to visit my friends because i get to see where they live, work and i get to experience their way of life. especially when its so different than mine. my friend dave lives in NY and works at surface to air. his job consists of making appts for stylists, celebrities, and people who want to shop the showroom, go to paris for fashion week, hit the party scene, and he's a pretty awesome DJ too. i'm lucky that he took time out of his crazy schedule to come back to texas to DJ our wedding. we only wanted people we loved involved on that special day...
surface to air necklace.
like my necklace? dave gave it to me and i think it suits me, don't ya think? its half scissor. i love it! jacob wears it a lot too. figs.
i have been wanting one of these forever! if i found this on craigslist or at a flea market i would go nuts!


omg can i have all of these!? yes please!




oh geez i can't take it!


I'll take the green ones!


and all of these...


lets have a business meeting. i"m serious.
guys can you believe we are real grown ups now?


this is a close up of the necklace Dave gave me:)


oh my gaw! i wish i could of got this for ryder but it was a zillion dollars! i think rannie wanted it for herself. sorry ran.






Dave Dave, Kid Indie, Dave Pacho, working hard at his desk.
we met some photographer and his stylist gf that night. they were doing a shoot for people magazine the next day
for andy garcia and his daughter. (this was back in march)


"awe dave!"-encino man hahaha
we go way back, like 10th grade chemistry class.
on the weekends we would cruise on top of golf carts in the woods, drink 40's and get in all kinds of trouble. dave would video tape everything with his fancy shmancy video camera before it got stolen! what a shame i think we even had footage of his brother mike when he had amnesia after falling during a bmx contest. i hate thieves!
oh yeah, we worked at Dex skatepark together and we would work lock-ins and all kinds of crazy skate and bike events. Dave was a BMX'r back in the day with baggy clothes and look at him now. MR. NEW YORK FASHIONISTO at
Surface to Air. proud of you dave!
P.S. wouldn't it be cool to trade shoes with your friends just for a day?

haha these photobooth pics were 2 weeks ago. im wearing same shirt 7 months later.
this time with a CHRISRANN necklace.
every year for rannies bday we take photos in the photobooth wherever we are.
i also do this on valentines day with jacob every year. and pretty much anytime we find one. 
what about you? do you know all the spots in your area that have them?
in houston i only know of 5 places.
is their a photobooth directory anywhere?

oh and rannie just found out that if a guys asks you to take a pic in the photobooth thats code for make out sesh! yup she learned the hard way.