OMG I [also] HEART: Great Danes

My little Zeyk-a-peek would have been so upset if he knew I was cheating on him this weekend. I met a Great Dane and fell in love. I think once I get a house, up here in Nashers, I'll get a Great Dane so Zeyk can have a friend/brother. I can just see it now...I'll go to the shelter, look for a Great Dane and fall in love with seven scrappy dogs and leave with ten cuties and have nowhere to put them. I'll have to go in with a super structured plan.

I'm laughing because this dog will give you a hugs on command.

And back down for his treat. Nothing better than cheeps!

See the chocolate lab/pit? He has a cool story...

His name is Coffee. When his owner went to the shelter to look at dogs, he saw coffee by the front desk in a super tiny cage, so naturally he asked why. The man at the shelter said he was suppose to be Euthanized that morning, but he just hadn't had time yet. The owner quickly snatched him up and said "I want him!" He named him Coffee after John Coffey from The Green Mile and he is one awesome dog.

"my favorite color is light tan, my favorite animal is poopies..."
(I've been on a Nacho Libre kick lately)

I hope you had a great weekend!