Hola! Sorry about the end of the week not being our usual bueno schedule. I (Kelly) have to fly down to Houston for some emergency family stuff. Thank God I don't have a typical 9-5 job and the lovely people at my internship were awesome about the whole last minute situation. Just to give you a heads up, next weeks posts will be a little different since our schedules are rearranged, but the posts will be back to normal the following week and we have some awesome Friday Features to share with you.

We are always telling you about the people we meet so we thought this week we would tell you a bit about us.
1. I hate showing my face in pictures.
2. Whenever I think about past events or play a situation out in my head, I accidently make the facial expressions as if I were actually in that situation and it can be really embarrassing when someone witnesses it (Kristi Jastram).
3. Most of my favorite people are in my family.
4. I am currently fumbling my way through learning the Ukulele, thanks to Amanda! I just wish I had little more talent in the are because right now it's like walking backwards in the dark.
5. I LOVE wearing leg-warmers and socks all year. They are the best thing to wear around the house with boxers and a hoodie.
6. I like to get through a meal without someone noticing that I am a vegetarian. I hate when people ask me about it as if it is wrong and try to make me feel bad about it. I just don't like meat...never have.
7. I have a dog named Zeyk (he also goes by zeyk-a-peek and peekers) and he is "da bomb."
8. I really enjoy musicals and operas.
9. Salt > Sugar
10. I still wish I were a ballerina. 

1. i am the oldest of four (i've always been told that i set the example) HA!
2. i am a dreamer and a thinker. (when i'm thinking i look pissed but i'm not.) see kelly's #2 i also do this but i only do it when i'm alone, i embarrass myself if i walk by a mirror and catch myself doing this.
3. i change my mind a lot. (where i want to live, what i want to do, when i want kids)
4. i tend to shock people with the words that come out of my mouth. (meatloaf)
5. my favorite place in the world is OAHU. in a perfect world we would live there.
6. i am not as much of a free spirit as i used to be. i am starting to like schedules. 
    zoolander voice- "who am i?"
7. i watch way too much t.v. and i am perfectly ok with that. (Glee makes me so happy!)
8. i brush my hair maybe 4 times a year. (only when i do tutorials)
9. sometimes i flick my boogers at my siblings or jacob.
10. my friends and my sister keep a log of random things i say, i am terrified that one day they will make a book out of brandi quotes. 

*as you can see...kelly is better at grammar....me? not so much. she will most likely go crazy that everything is lowercase and correct it before you read this. maybe not,  since she is still sleeping.
i am sorry to those who said they hated reading blogs with bad punctuation:(

(also, this was a found chalk-wall and we didn't write on it so incase you see something inappropriate, just know it wasn't us, this time.)

now it's your turn! if you want to share 10 random facts about yourself we would love to read them! it's kind of the best way to get to know one another. if that's too much then start with 5 facts.