My brother jeremy knows that all he has to do is give Ryder his cars and he's a happy kid.


we took a little break so he could check out his hair in the mirror and then back to the cut.


When my brother got his first haircut my parents got it on video, his hair looked much like Ryders. But this isn't Ryders first cut, this is just his most dramatic cut.

Lots of my clients say it's so relaxing when I play with their hair but Ryder is the first person to actually fall asleep and we got it all on VIDEO! We were cracking up! It was the funniest and cutest thing ever! His head was bobbing then he'd catch himself and do it again. Finally we took the cape off and Kelly put him down in my room. 

He was rewarded with a green popsicle...or three. 

We have some awesome hair tutorials for you since I just got back from a HAIR SHOW in Austin.. but we are still really busy with family and packing so hopefully tomorrow I will have some inspiration for you!