Feature Friday: Dolan Geiman

Before you go any further and think you are about to read an interview, I have to burst your bubble. This is not an interview with Dolan Geiman. I just really really really love his "constructions"

At the beginning of the year, I was interning at Fossil and had to research Dolan for their fall artist collaboration.  Right before I left my internship for Nashville, Dolan came to Fossil to tell us about his work and my creative crush continued. He is a wonderful guy loving life and traveling in a van collecting junk to create his "constructions" with.

(All images are taken from Dolan Geiman's Etsy or his site.

I absolutely love this last peice more than anything else right now. Old painted wood, keys, bird, and a heart! Come on now. I really wish I could have met him and picked his brain a bit.

3 things to know about him

1. When he was little, he would die his shirts (with his mom) with berries instead of shopping.
2. He carries small prints in the back of his car just in case he's driving and finds an abandoned house. He told us at Fossil that when he takes stuff from abandoned houses, he like to leave one of his prints behind to even things out. 
3. His wife is his business partner and together they rock and make selling art work.

Photo taken from Dolan's site

Check him out at Fossil, his blog, site, or Etsy. WOOOHOO!